We're excited that music streaming service Saavn has introduced a new capability for Firefox users to monitor trending songs from the Saavn content catalog in the Firefox sidebar. If you click a song in the ticker sidebar, the selected songs are added to your Saavn play queue. There is also a quick-share option that lets you quickly post the selected track to your social networks. Activate Saavn in your Firefox by clicking here.

(Q&A with Arjun Venkateswaran, Product Manager, Saavn Web Properties)

Q: How long has Saavn been offering free Web streaming in India?
A: Saavn was founded in 2006 to bring Indian film and music content to the global Indian community. The company's core focus shifted to music streaming in 2009.


Q: How many songs are in the Saavn catalog?
A: We provide a catalog of over 2 million songs to our listeners on Web, mobile, and WAP.  We're constantly expanding our index with the latest emerging content.


Q: How many Indian languages does Saavn solicit music for?
A: We currently curate our music service in eleven languages - ten Indian languages, including Hindi (with regional content in Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, and Bhojpuri), as well as English and International content in India only.


Q: What other devices is Saavn streaming available for?
A: We are accessible for streaming on the Web or via mobile with our Android, iOS, and WAP applications.


Q: What does Firefox Social API do for the Saavn user?
A: Social API gives us a means to surface universally trending music, across the network, or trending music that is specific to a user's own taste or network. We hope that our users enjoy these new ways to discover and share their favorite music!

Q: Why did you decide to contribute to the sidebar for Firefox?
A: Saavn is very active in the open source community and this was one more platform on which we could develop a useful feature and contribute to the community.