Out of the 90+ Mozilla Reps from India, only 6 are woman contributors. Out of the 96 contributors listed at Mozilla India Developer Leader Board, there is only one female contributor. A mere 1.5% of developers involved in open source projects are women.

There is a huge gap in the growth of women contributors. To understand the key metrics that engage and empower the women to contribute to the project, we experimented with a few initiatives as a pilot at Collab House, Hyderabad. We designed the community initiatives such that there is atleast one track led by a woman contributor and hosting woman only events once a month. From the recent Womoz App Sprint and Womoz Makerparty we have seen amazing results leading to increase in participation from the women and consistent involvement in the project.
To explore further and share the success metrics from past initiatives, Diwanshi, Santosh, Akshay and me are hosting a Community Education event for imminent women leaders from Mozilla community spread across India. There are a few communities like Nashik, Lucknow, Pune & Hyderabad where women are taking active participation in Web literacy campaigns and community building initiatives. Mozilla UP started to evolve under the leadership of a women.
The goal of the Women Community Education program is to bring together the women who have crossed the initial barrier and have been active contributors to the project, share their stories, challenges, practices and discuss on building best practices and participation ways for the upcoming women contributors so more and more women could participate, learn, share and make greater impact and ultimately inspire them to be the leaders in what they love to do.

Who Can Sign Up?

This event is for Women who are Firefox Student Ambassadors and growing leaders.
* Note:
-- Due to limited resources only selected members will be invited to the event.
-- Though the event is open to all, Only Women Firefox Student Ambassadors can request for sponsorship for travel by signing-up below.
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4-6 September 2015
Collab House, Hyderabad.
Apply here: http://bit.ly/WoMozEdu15
End of Tuesday, 25th August 2015